Go from Dabbling in Referrals to Using a Proven Process to Acquire More High-Level Clients through Personal Introductions 

What does your Referral Gap look like?.......................... Why do you have it? ... And what is it costing you?

Are you frustrated because...

  • You're not bringing in the quantity of ideal clients you'd like?
  • You're reluctant to ask for referrals fo any number of reasons?
  • If you do get referrals, the propects don't always fit your business?
  • Prospects either don't respond or seem to lose interest?
  • Your new-client growth just isn’t at the pace you desire? 

Now, imagine you had a business where you ...

Are using the most relevant, attractive & compelling value proposition possible to move people to action. 

Have become super-referable and are getting referrals without asking

Ask for referrals without pushing, begging or putting people on the spot

Are effectively leveraging the power of Event Marketing and Vertical Marketing

Have productive Referral Partnerships with Centers of Influence who send you prospects that actually fit your business.

Have identified and dissolved limiting perspectives and blind spots that might be holding you back

Effectively turn referrals into personal introductions, and confidenty convert introductions into appointments

Consistently win more high-level clients for your busness.

Here's what BBG Members Get


BBG Pricing - Only AU$249 .. You Save $590 

  • 5 high-content, interactive video courses (the core training) .... - Develop a More Compelling Value Proposition Getting Referrals without Asking Asking without Pushing or Begging Turning Referrals into Solid Introductions Maximizing Referral Partners 
  • 104 micro reinforcement lessons (video, audio, and transcripts)
  • Referral Scripts Book (for many typical situations and objections)
  • Audio interviews with other marketing experts
  • On-demand coaching with Bill Cates Priceless!