A Comprehensive Video Learning Program  

  • The Perfect Blend of Group & Self-Study Training and Reinforcement

GROUPS: Bring everyone together when possible for training, implementation, skills practice, goal setting, and celebration of successes. 

INDIVIDUALS: Reps can learn on their own, though best when paired with a study buddy.

5 Core Video Courses 

  • How to Communicate Your Value to Win More Clients (Radical Relevance)  

(5 Video Lessons - Approximately 5 - 8 min. each)

Your success in attracting more ideal clients is linked to your ability to believe in and communicate your value to prospects, clients, and centers of influence.  

This course will show you how to sharpen your value proposition to cut through all the noise and barriers in the market, so you can reach & convert more high-level clients.

  • How to Get Referrals without Asking (Become Super Referable)  

(3 Video Lessons - Approximately 10 min. each)

The Client Journey is split into 3 phases: the Prospect Experience, the New Client Experiene (onboarding process); and the Ongoing Client Experience (client-service promise).

There is a direct correlation between referability and client engagement. Help your advisors, reps, or agents self-generate quality prospects, through client engagement.

  • How to Ask for Referrals (Without Pushing or Begging)

(3 Video Lessons - Approximately 10 min. each)

The 3 biggest fears people have in being proactive for referrals and introductions are: fear of being pushy; fear of appearing needy; and fear of rejection.

Give your advisors, reps, or agents our proven V.I.P.S. Method so that they can be appropriately proactive and start meeting more qualified prospects that turn into clients.

  • How to Secure Solid Introductions (Turn Connections into Appointments)

(3 Video Lessons - Approximately 10 min. each)

Referrals are practically worthless unless we get connected or introduced to the new prospect.

The key is finding a go-to formula that produces results, while being flexible to what works best for the referral source and prospect. Make sure your advisors, reps, or agents are securing introductions and appointments.

  • How to Create Referral Partners (Grow Your Network of Centers of Influence)

(4 Video Lessons - Approximately 10 min. each)

Some folks come on too strong. Some give up too quickly. This course shows how a give-value-first approach will sustain the "courtship" of centers of influence.

Give your advisors, reps, or agents a proven formula to turn up to 25 non-clients into productive advocates.

NOTE - Larger organizations with their own intranet or LMS may be permitted to host most of these lessons on their own system. We're happy to explore that arrangement with you.

+ Built-in Video Reinforcement 

  • Role Play Demonstrations: Practice Builds Skill & Confidence

(11 Video-Based Scenarios - Ranging from 30 secs to 3.5 minutes each)

Bill Cates demonstrates how to promote referrals, ask for referrals, deal confidently and effectively with concerns and objections, and turn willingness to refer into high-quality introductions.

Show your advisors, reps, or agents a how master this simple process to leverage their relationships to be able to bring their important value to others.

  • Rapid Fire Referrals: The Habit Maker!

(104 Videos, Delivered Twice Per Week - 2 to 3.5 minutes)  

Brief, but brilliant videos that reinforce the courses, as well as bring new ideas and strategies not already covered. Watch the video, download the audio, print out the scripts.

Turn the training you provide into actions, that turn into habits, that produce results - more ideal clients.

  • Referral Spark: Create Your Culture of Referrals

(7 Video Lessons – Approximately 6-7 min. each)

Great for reinforcement after the training. Perfect as a jump start with your veterans who aren’t sure they want a full immersion into the training. Watch the video, download the audio, print out the scripts.

Referral Spark plays a part in you building your Culture of Referrals and Introductions.  

  • Bill's Referral Repair Shop: Turn Breakdowns into Breakthroughs 

(12 "Quick Fix" Videos and Growing – Approximately 2-3 min. each)

Bill starts with a bit of preventative maintenance and then provides the repair strategy to get back on the road to more ideal clients.

We are adding quick-fix lessons regularly. Have a challenge? Send it to Bill. We’ll send you the video answer and add it to Bill’s Referral Repair Shop.  

PLUS - Leadership Tools to Enhance Training and Results

  • Leaders Guide and Best Practices - For Smooth Training and Reinforcement
  • 60-Day Referral Blitz Action Plan - To Guarantee Implementation and Action 
  • Rollout Webinar Delivered by Bill Cates
  • Skills Practice / Role Play Worksheets - To Build Confidence
  • Scripts / Word Tracks / Sample Conversations - To Facilitate Understanding
  • Activity Tracking Forms - To Measure and Coach Activity for Better Results

"Bill Cates makes asking for referrals as natural as breathing."

Michael Schmitz | CEO - SCG Financial

"In my 20 years in insurance, this is the best tool I have seen in terms of getting referrals. When agents put the system into practice, they always see great results. Our managers are using the same process for recruiting."

Keith Lang | Director of Agency

"We are very pleased with the results of the video training program. People are asking and getting more referrals an ever before. One 24-year veteran said that this is the first time she's ever been comfortable asking for referrals. The specific language Cates provides makes all the difference."

Lonnie Sesskin | Manager of Agency Training

  You WILL See Results ... WE GUARANTEE IT!

We are certain you will find great value in focus, coaching, teaching, support, accountability and results of our Referral Champions video training program. However, if at any time, satisfied with the program, we will refund your money. 

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